I awakened one morning with the word GRACE on my mind. I searched for weeks only to come home empty handed, but still with a burning desire to buy an item that had the word “GRACE” upon it.

After several months of searching, my daughter gave me a gift; a cup with the word “GRACE” beautifully written. She purchased it, gave it to me, I received it freely.

What  I learned that day was that I can’t buy Grace. It is the free and unmerited favor of God in the salvation of sinners. Grace is the empowering Presence of God enabling us to be who He created us to be.

Daily I would fill and sip from that cup of “GRACE”, the contents becoming a part of me. It became a reminder and representation of the Father filling me daily with His Grace and unending mercy.


Becoming Broken and Transparent

There were many years of hardened armor placed upon this soul, in a failed attempt to protect it from pain. The skin had lost it’s ability to breathe, slowly choking out life. Reality was I was physically dying and all feared there would be no recovery. I had become a dead woman walking.

Hurt and anger had caused me to recoil and withhold my heart. All the time thinking I was strong behind my glittering mask until God showed me, me. I was too proud to expose myself in weakness and just wanted to escape.

I knew if I didn’t fight against the death curses spoken over me, I would lose a battle that Christ had already won.  I had to shift my focus from the darkness only allowing hope of life to be present.  To get to that place I had to peel back the layers of hardness, exposing and allowing myself to be vulnerable and open to intimacy. Not with man, but with God.

I couldn’t save myself by just wishful thinking or being a good person.  I was reminded that a “broken person” is the reason we need a Savior. To allow a healing we must first be broken to the point of death in order to have new life. Not necessarily in a physical way as I had to, but in a surrendering of will.

Many times the people closest to us are most resistant to reaching out or receiving. Human nature tends to fear pain from those we love the deepest.

Pain is universal, but creates a personal prison. The spirit of fear, and spirit of rejection working together as prison guards, keeping us bound in a cell with the door wide open.